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  United Enterprises for Fruits & Vegetables Trade has been serving wide range of businesses in the region and helping them achieving their business goals.. We have successfully delivered excellent solution to different types of business through long term relationships. 


Located in Amman Central Market in the capital of Jordanwith a well-trained team in a large space equipped with refrigerators and having several refrigerated trucks, United Enterprises serves as the supplier of high quality and value-added products to elite targets.
Products are provided to customers all year round due to the up-to-date approaches in cultivating the different types of crops, hence accommodating customer demand in the market.
United Enterprises imports fruits & vegetables usually unfurnished in the local market to satisfy our customer's business needs, and fullfil thier daily requirements.


United Enterprises is located in the central market and boasts a well-trained team. With a large space equipped with refrigerators and several refrigerated trucks, we supply high-quality and value-added products to elite customers. Our up-to-date cultivation methods allow us to offer products year-round, meeting the demands of the market. In addition to sourcing locally, we import unfurnished fruits and vegetables to satisfy our customers' needs. At United Enterprises, we are committed to providing top-notch products and services.


United Enterprises manages over 200 acres of agricultural land in Jordan Valley, where we implement top-quality standards and hi-tech approaches to ensure that we provide the best value for our customers and meet the demand of the local and regional markets. Our focus on crop protection is matched by our dedication to cultivating specially selected seeds for different types of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. We are committed to sustainable and responsible farming practices that ensure our products are of the highest quality. With United Enterprises, you can trust that you are getting the best produce available.