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drone for this month

by "Mayson Dunlap" <> - 09/05/2022 20:40:52


How are you?
Has the presentation about the drone that was supplied to you earlier today been received?
I'll send you another email about this drone. Thank you for your understanding.

On a single charge, the drone's battery lasts for 30 minutes.
Approximately 1000m of security fence separates the electrically controlled perimeter from the rest of the property.
The GPS position is outside the optical flow fixed point, but it is within the optical flow fixed point during the time of measurement.
Making use of the power off/on signal, you can return to your place on a low-power mode.
There are handy capabilities included, such as the MV (multi-view) mode, one-button return to the home screen, headless mode, definition switching, gesture photo/video, and the ability to adjust the front lens up and down.
Wind resistance is rated at an 8. (high wind resistance)
The fan blades have a diameter of roughly 5.8 cm and are made of aluminum (in centimeters).
The battery has a capacity of 7.4V 3000mAh when used in conjunction with the board.
A battery's capacity is critical when dealing with batteries (with charging)
Dimensions of the drone: When fully unfolded, the finished size is 26x30x5cm (when fully unfurled).

Pricing for our drones:
For one drone at 288.50
For two drones at 278.50 each
For three drones at 268.50 each

Are you interested in receiving one or two?
Send us the location of your shipment, and we'll get in touch with logistics to make the preparations for you.

Optical flow is formed by combining a fixed point positioned within the system and GPS positioning located outside.
The power goes out or you receive a notification suggesting that the energy has been turned off when you return to your house.
Additionally, this camera includes a virtual reality mode as well as multi-lens switching, as well as a video/picture panorama and a video/picture panorama.
Additionally, there are modes, such as MV (with a single button for returning to the home screen), headless, photo/video gestures, and front lens adjustment.
When it comes to the fixed altitude flight system, the GPS/air pressure combination used is a hybrid of the two technologies.
The level of wind resistance is 8) for wind resistance.

Mayson Dunlap