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by - 07/01/2022 04:47:51

Title: Are you satisfied with your supplier?


Hello dear friend,

I come from Dingzhou Xubang New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Our company produces and sells polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), grafted POE toughening agent, polyamide PA6, and permanent antistatic agent XB502 masterbatch.


Polybutylene terephthalate: PBT 2533 (H) glass fiber reinforced flame retardant, excellent electrical properties, high tracking index (CTI)) high flame retardant (CTI 400V) GWIT 750 ℃ ​​non-flammable; easy Processing and forming, good dimensional stability; widely used in key electronic and electrical components such as electronic and electrical switches, timers, converters, thermostat switch boxes, etc.


Grafted POE toughening agent: This product uses polyolefin elastomer (POE) as the matrix and is obtained by grafting highly reactive maleic anhydride (MAH) monomer through reaction extrusion. It has obvious effects on improving the impact toughness of polymers and increasing the elongation. It is especially suitable for the toughening, strengthening and super-toughening of nylon modified materials at normal and low temperatures. It is also very good for improving the water absorption of nylon. Effect.

It can improve the impact resistance, low temperature resistance and water absorption of nylon materials. It can be used to toughen nylon (typically nylon 6, nylon 66) materials, strengthen toughness and flame retardant toughness; it can also be used as nylon and poly Compatibilizer for propylene and polyethylene alloy materials.


Glass fiber reinforced PA6GF30: Polyamide PA6 30% glass fiber reinforced, non-flame retardant, natural color, injection molding grade particles. This product has the characteristics of high rigidity, good heat resistance stability, and easy forming and processing.

It is suitable for mechanical parts, automobile cooling fans, radiators, bearing holders, power tool housings and other systems with good rigidity and impact.


Polyamide permanent antistatic agent XB502 resin: XB502 is a nylon thermoplastic elastomer with soft segment polyether and hard segment polyamide as the main substrate, without any plasticizer: this product has a unique electrostatic dissipation effect , It can be used for the antistatic modification of polymers (PA, ABS, PBT, PS, etc.). The modified products are suitable for the antistatic treatment of ABS, PA6, PS, PBT plastics. They can be colored arbitrarily and can be washed repeatedly. The resistance value can reach the power of 108-1011, which meets the requirements of environmental protection ROHS and REACH, has good compatibility with raw materials, and is not affected by temperature and humidity without precipitation. It can effectively prevent the product from adsorbing dust, prevent fire and explosion hazards caused by discharge, and curb the damage caused by static electricity.


If you want to know more about our products, you can send an email to me.


Best wishes!


Address: Hubei, China

Contact: Manager Zhou

Phone: +86 13811511968