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- 16/04/2020 16:22:15

Upgrade report: 13.0

Overridden views

    The below standard views have been overriden with their original content during the migration because the changes made in them were no longer valid.
  • base.view_menu   Original   Copy


  • In our standard, all variant of the same product needs to have distinct attributes to ensure data integrity; In your database, we detected that you have variant(s) for the same product with the same attributes (or no attributes). Hence we updated your variant attributes and added the`upgrade_technical` attribute, enabling the eligibility of your database (same product same attribute) for our upgrade scripts (same product, distinct attribute) without issues; You can find these `upgrade_technical` attributes in your database by navigating to your Settings App > General Settings > searching on ‘Variants and Options’ and clicking on 'Attributes' Alternatively, you can: - either fix the issue in you original database (before the upgrade request) - or fix the issue automatically by archiving the less used variants (loop through tables and count rows referencing this product (using foreign keys)). To automatically 'archive variants' during the upgrade, please contact the support ( (a new migration is required)

Disabled views